Working Title: 1/3rd of the Way Through!

WOW! The last few months have flown by and we can't believe how much progress we've made since our last update!

First, we made our Indiegogo goal and raised over $10,000 for our inaugural production, Working Title! We are SO GRATEFUL to all of our supporters and we could not have done this without you. Stay tuned for the cool perks you'll be receiving soon in the mail!

Second, our short film, "Pancakes," was nominated in the Tiny Film Festival! We're eligible in the Best Drama category. Vote for us here so that we also have a chance of winning the Viewer's Choice Award!

Finally, we finished 1/3rd of our filming for Working Title! We've gone to six different locations, we've stood in the pond at Washington Square Park on a 40-degree day, and we even shot overnight in a dark alley - and 33% of our footage is DONE!

We still have 2/3rds of the way to go and we can't wait to shoot the rest of the show this winter!

7-Day Challenge, Working Title, and a New Member

The last few months have been a whirlwind for Second Star NYC!

Our newest member, Knilo Solei

Our newest member, Knilo Solei

In February, we started the 7-day film challenge, a monthly challenge where we turn audience suggestions into short films in 7 days' time. The two films, "The One You Least Expect" and "That Friend," turned out great, and we'd like to thank everyone who participated in both challenges. We're gearing up for our April challenge and we'll be premiering the film at the end of the month.

We're also thrilled to officially announce the addition of a fourth member to the Second Star NYC team. Knilo Solei has joined Dan, Theresa, and Matt! We're so happy to have her talent on board and to have her as the D'Artagnan to our Three Musketeers.

Our upcoming web series, "Working Title," is also making some serious headway as we continue editing our first episode and polish the scripts for the rest of the season. We have some exciting announcements coming your way regarding the show, so stay tuned for future updates!

Second Star NYC hit the red carpet!

Second Star NYC just recently came from Hypokrit Theatre Company's successful red carpet kick off party just this last Thursday. Was such a treat to be with so many talented artists in one room. Thank you for the great night of culture and Shakespeare. So excited to see your Bollywood inspired production of Romeo and Juliet this February!

p.s. the epic dance party at the end of the night was amazing! 

The Kitty & Petunia & Friends Variety Hour

Second Star NYC had a hilarious time at The Kitty & Petunia & Friends Variety Hour on Wednesday night! We are so proud of our very own Knilo Solei, Working Title star, and her very funny friend comedian Ilana Michelle Rubin host such a fantastic show!

Come see their variety the end of each month!! 

DIY Mason Jar Toiletre Container

The characters in "Working Title" embody the DIY spirit that we love. In honor of that spirit, we will be featuring a different DIY (Do-it-Yourself) project every Tuesday.

Mason Jar Toiletre Container

Chaos seems to be the natural order of things, and your home bathroom can easily (if not already) turn into a disgusting pool of mayhem if you're not careful. So here is an easy DIY solution from our hilarious friend Christin Goldrick.

1) 3 Ball Mason jars 
2) Paint (grey was chosen)
3) Brush
4) Sandpaper

Cost: Less than $25.

1) Paint the mason jar 
2) Let dry
3) Distress with sandpaper

And that's all there is to it!

Who knew bringing ORDER to your bathroom could be so easy. And, of course, you can do this for any room and in any color (check out some of the pics - especially since these Ball Mason jars are so CHEAP!)

What did you think of the Christin's DIY solution?? Would you do this? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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Second Star NYC meets Forward Flux Productions!

Second Star NYC had a blast at Forward Flux Productions' A Winter's Night Art Party this past Monday!

We had the absolute pleasure meeting so many wonderful artists and experience their work in a bravely intimate room! What a fantastic night! 

Thank you for the Scarlet letters (Emily North), silent auction photo (James Miille), and your wonderful hospitality! We hope to collaborate with you all soon!

DIY Tuesday: PVC Dip Bar

The characters in "Working Title" embody the DIY spirit that we love. In honor of that spirit, we will be featuring a different DIY (Do-it-Yourself) project every Tuesday.

PVC Dip Bar

A new year, a new you. If your trying to get into shape but would also like to flex those DIY skills then PVC pipe dip machine is perfect for you. 

Dan made this PVC dip bar, in the attached photo, about a year ago. He used it for dips, inverted rows, and ab workouts. It's a fantastic machine to have on at home. 

Things to consider:

  1. Find a place that will cut down the PVC pipes for you. Dan had to saw the pipes himself, and it was NOT fun.
  2.  If space is a issue, he recommends following this design instead:

Cost: Roughly $50

This DIY dip bar cost roughly the price of a dip machine you'd find on amazon. So it's something to consider before you do it. But if you have the DIY spirit in you, then this will be a join to have and make!

Happy New You!

See you next week! 

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DIY Tuesday: Self-publishing

The characters in "Working Title" embody the DIY spirit that we love. In honor of that spirit, we will be featuring a different DIY (Do-it-Yourself) project every Tuesday

Before Second Star NYC, founding member Theresa Basile did another DIY project - writing the novel Fanged by Theresa Basile.

See why she chose the self-publishing route rather than seeking a traditional agent in her blog

Go Theresa! 

2014: A Year In Review

2014: A Year in Review

What an amazing year it's been for us! In the past twelve months, we have...

- Written (and revised, and rewritten, and rewritten again) our web series Working Title
- Cast our show with a great group of actors
- Had multiple script readings and rehearsals with our cast (and then rewrote some more!)
- Launched our Facebook page
- Filmed episode 2 of "Working Title!"
- Officially formed our production company, Second Star to the Right Productions!

And this is only the beginning. 2015 will see the launching of our official website, a premiere of our logo designs, our crowdfunding campaign, and filming episodes 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6!

THANK YOU to all of our supporters for liking, following, and sharing our page. We can't wait for 2015 and to share our future successes with all of you.

Stay tuned for our latest updates and HAPPY NEW YEAR!