DIY Mason Jar Toiletre Container

The characters in "Working Title" embody the DIY spirit that we love. In honor of that spirit, we will be featuring a different DIY (Do-it-Yourself) project every Tuesday.

Mason Jar Toiletre Container

Chaos seems to be the natural order of things, and your home bathroom can easily (if not already) turn into a disgusting pool of mayhem if you're not careful. So here is an easy DIY solution from our hilarious friend Christin Goldrick.

1) 3 Ball Mason jars 
2) Paint (grey was chosen)
3) Brush
4) Sandpaper

Cost: Less than $25.

1) Paint the mason jar 
2) Let dry
3) Distress with sandpaper

And that's all there is to it!

Who knew bringing ORDER to your bathroom could be so easy. And, of course, you can do this for any room and in any color (check out some of the pics - especially since these Ball Mason jars are so CHEAP!)

What did you think of the Christin's DIY solution?? Would you do this? Tell us what you think in the comments below!

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