participate in the 7-day film challenge!

Thank you for considering participating in the Second Star 7 Day Film Challenge. This is a short film challenge that seeks to build our network of collaborators in an exciting and ambitious manner!

- Every person participating gets a 24 hour deadline to complete their portion of the film making
process. Thereafter the project moves on the next person in line who will add yet another layer and
continue shaping the film. Everyone will receive a copy of the final script and in certain cases, projec tnotes can be passed onto the next collaborator.

Note: no collaborator is an island. You can always ask for help!

- If you have, in good faith, used your 24 hour deadline to the best of your abilities, your input/
material will be used.

- In the unlikely (though certainly possible) event that material needs changing, the individual whose
work needs changing will be given the opportunity to redo their work (barring any ethics issues). A
new deadline of 12 hours will be given to complete the work.

- If the participant is unwilling to make changes, Second Star may offer to use the material in a future project if the participant allows it. Second Star reserves the right to address changes needed for the current project under discussion to best remedy the issue.

- Consider: Am I putting all the thought and care I can into this project? Are my
aesthetic decisions unifying the vision of what was presented to me? Does my artistic voice add value
and help paint a vivid and compelling picture, or does it merely distract or confuse the content
already laid out?

- This is a hugely collaborative project that forces you (often blindly) to trust in your fellow
participants and requires all participants to really analyze and examine the hard work of their
compatriots. This entire project is based on the idea of relinquishing control!

- For this challenge to be truly effective, it is imperative that all participants fully grasp how important their part is, and how each member actively shapes the outcome of the project. These little films are made in intimate groups of 10 - 12 people and will inspire bonds that hopefully last throughout our careers and the success of each film is directly tied to every participant's sense of integrity and collaboration.

- Take your participation seriously. Yes, it's fun. Yes, it's low risk. Yes, the time limit is crazy and a little stressful. But that is under no circumstance to mean the quality can or should be low or the input from individuals can be poorly thought out or executed.

Everyone, bring your A game.

- These short films will probably determine your ability to work on larger films and projects in the
future and give other collaborators an idea of your work ethic!


- All submissions must go to our email address,

- If you are an actor, please submit headshot and resume to our email, or provide a link to your

- If you are a writer, please submit a short original piece you have written within the last year in PDF

- If you are composing an original score, please submit links or any previous work done where you
have laid track or provide links to original music.

- If you do not have any experience in film making and wish to simply give it a shot, please let us know ahead of time so that we can better accommodate you!

Let’s have fun, everybody!

[Disclaimer: Second Star NYC LLC retains sole ownership of all material, sounds, and images,
submitted and subsequently used in accordance with 7 Day Challenge submissions in addition to future
use or replication in other material owned and produced by Second Star NYC LLC.]